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This is the easiest 5 star review i've ever given.

Jeff and Chris are the owners of this place. The two of them combined have saved me at least $5000 on my 02' camry from unnecessary repair costs throughout the years. They are the most honest and intelligent people I can imagine ever running a shop like this. I originally found Precision when I had problems with my check engine light. Other shops had recommended a complete replacement of O2 sensors and catalytic converters that were well over $2k in toyota parts. Jeff and Chris recommended cheaper solutions for me that ended up costing way less at a specialty shop. They didn't even end up making any money on me and I ended up only spending 400 bucks somewhere else and passing smog. I was so impressed with their honesty and so grateful for their help that I had to write a review (which i dont do often).

I don't really now a lot about cars, but whenever i'm in the shop, Jeff or Chris really clearly explain things to me about my car and are very articulate about what problems i'm having and why some things need repair and some things don't! They even draw pictures of engine compartments and pistons to explain to me why and how some things aren't working. I am completely comfortable leaving my Camry in their hands and they NEVER suggest or influence me to do anything that i don't ABSOLUTELY need to.

Thanks for the help guys! Jeff, chris, and all the mechanics are an absolute pleasure to hang out with and talk to. Even when they're completely overloaded with work they will make sure to give you more than the time you deserve. I plan to go to them for car problems indefinitely or until i find someone better!

-Phillip P.

They have a great staff. Very friendly and honest. Highly recommend this shop to anyone looking to get things fixed or checked out.
Our radio wasn't working and they took their time to figure out exactly what it was and were so nice about it. He showed me exactly why it stopped working before he fixed it.
Rare to find this!
Highly recommend them!

-Neesheet P.

Looking for a HONEST mechanic for your European vehicle? Look no further!! These guys know their stuff!! From my great experinces, Jeff & Chris go above & BEYOND to keep you informed on the status of the vehicle!! Also, don't fear being overcharged or getting stuck paying for unneeded work!

I honestly can't say enough good things about them! I am genuinely impressed by the quality of work!!

If this genuine yelp proves to be useful & you end up taking your vehicle in for service ... TELL THEM I SENT YOU ;)

-Elizabeth B.

thanks Jeff and Eric....

My 2005 Audi A4 cabrio needed a new rear window regulator and rather than paying the dealer I thought I'd do it myself. I ordered the part (lots of research to get the right part) and started on the job.

OK, so I bought the wrong part, replacement was a bit more involved than I estimated even with the service manual. So with the rear door panel in bits and broken regulator in view, I stopped by and saw Jeff. Despite offering to source the correct part for me and offering free advice on fitting it myself, I decided to ask Jeff to sort it for me

Next day, dropped car in, Eric sorted it out perfectly and Jeff charged me less than dealer ... and reduced labour cost since I'd already done some of the leg work.

These guys are very good, honest and straightforward. Thanks !

PS. Hope you internet is working now ;-)

-Gareth P.

I own a 2007 VW Passat Wolfsburg edition and nothing wrong with my car and i wanted to make sure it stays that way and i've been searching for a shop that specializes in euro cars. i've called around for estimates and when i called Precision and spoke to Jeff (manager) i was sold.

The did a tune up and did my rear brakes and the service was excellent and so was the price.

Jeff and his crew treated me excellent and i highly recommend it.


Best. Garage. Ever.

These guys need to be featured on some sort of video about "How Customer Service is Supposed to Work". Not only do they do completely excellent work in their own right, they are willing to do "whatever it takes" to make things right, even when you bring them a vehicle that may have been damaged by another garage.

Chris and Jeff strike just the right tone of kidding around and professionalism, which is a delight, too.

I'd give 'em a 10 if I could.

-Dave L.

Seriously...these guys are second to none.

Not only have I brought my car here , but I've also referred friends who have become customers as well. Jeff and the rest of the team are simply amazing people, aside from the quality of their work. The customer service is unreal and so is the work.

Just try it and see for yourself....you're welcome.


This is the first time I brought my car to them after contacting Chris through their website. Impressed by their knowledge about my car and professionalism. Quoted me half hour labor to reflash my car ECU (they're APR dealer), but because VW dealer messed up the flash they needed to send it to APR headquarters to get it flashed. Did not charge me extra because they said it's not my fault that the dealer messed up the ECU flash. They called me to pick up the car on the date I was told and everything works as promised. No doubt I will bring my car back to them in the future!

-Chris C.

Good trustworthy place to get your car checked out. Jeff was very nice and had great customer service. They told me exactly what my car needed. The price was better than what was quoted to me when I received the estimate! I highly recommend this shop.

-Preeti A.

I took my 98 BMW to these guys after reading their reviews....Both Jeff and Chris were on site and easy to talk to.

They ran a thorough test on my car and found only a faulty battery to be the problem. I had taken my car to two prior shops that missed this basic problem....

They installed the battery and the car was perfect. I had a couple of cabin filters that they installed and some headlights that needed adjustment....they did the extra work for free and even discounted their basic inspection without even asking for a discount.

They are trustworthy and more than fair. I will be bringing all my cars to them whenever possible. It's a no brainer if you live in Santa Clara....

Totally stoked on these guys....

-Trevor T.

I own an '11 Audi A5, and wanted more performance than the factory offered. Upon someone's recommendation from my dealership's service department, I went to see Jeff and Chris. Both very nice and knowledgeable people with a good sense of humor. They got the APR software upgrade done, pretty basic job, the car felt better but still wasn't enough. I saw the beautiful Audi S5 sitting in their garage, that just had a ridiculous amount of performance work done on it, putting out almost 700hp, originally 354hp. This is usually a good sign, if you know how complicated these cars can get and you need to know your way around them, about the shop's competence level. Some people might think I'm crazy, on a car still under the warranty with 12K miles on, I decided to get the bigger turbo kit, K04. I had confidence in these guys. Turbo comes in, I leave the car in for a couple days, Jeff calls to tell me to come get it, adding, the car feels ok, nothing big (his typical sarcasm). I take the car for a spin, WOW. Can't wipe the grin off my face, the sound the power, yep this is how it was supposed to come out of the factory because you don't pay all those hard earned money of yours for a good performance, you are after the WOW!. After I started to get used to all the bells and whistles (literally), I started noticing things, like occasional rough shifting, flutter sound, and one day the car cut the power, threw a code. I cleared the code, things are fine, and 2 weeks later it happened again. Went to see the guys, even on a short notice, he managed to get me a spot asap. They went through a list of possible causes and parts that might have failed, putting in new parts to figure out the source of the problem, but my lovely beast made it difficult as much as possible, throwing different fault codes and erasing the previous one every step of the way. Chris, Jeff and Gabe put a whole and a half day's work into it to make sure I'm happy with my car. They did the research meticulously, cross checking part numbers, technical service bulletins and etc. They figured out the problem was a part that got revised 5 times from the factory on a car that hit the market only 4 years ago. I called to see how the progress was, asking Jeff to give me the good news and there it was. Everything is figured out and fixed, the car is ready, for a very reasonable cost. I cannot emphasize how relieved and happy I am, maybe I have been too unlucky previously or ran into bad business exercises one too many times, finding that ONE mechanic that you can trust is hard. These guys are true to the heart car enthusiasts that decided to turn their hobby into a business, and they are great at it. It doesn't get any better than that. This is why I drive an hour each way from San Francisco to get work done in Santa Clara whenever necessary. They could have charged me a lot of money, I would have paid and not returned again, but they wanted to make sure that the upgrade they did performed flawlessly and they stand behind their work even if it is not their fault. You guys have my business, I'll see you for the exhaust, inter-cooler and god knows what upgrade after that.
Thank you!
Ps: Also thanks go to Eric and Andy for the previous work done on the car.

-Burak B.

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