mechanicWhen you drive a luxurious BMW or Mercedes vehicle, it is important to care for your car with the finest quality European auto service. A European auto repair shop in Santa Clara will be able to provide you with the BMW parts or Mercedes parts that are needed to keep your vehicle in peak driving condition. To take the performance of your European sports car to the next level, you may also want to consider equipping your car with some performance tuned parts from GoAPR. The GoAPR line of parts has been engineered with the discerning driving enthusiast in mind. To highlight the benefits of performance tuning, here is a look at some of the newest GoAPR parts.


APR Intercooler

In order to get the most horsepower out of your car’s engine, you will need to make sure that your engine is as cool as possible during all of your driving maneuvers. With the brand new GoAPR APR Intercooler, you can rest assured that your engine is remaining as cool as possible during your drives. With its large frontal surface and terrific volume, this intercooler is able to absorb heat from even the most powerful engines.

Engine Control Unit

Along with its brand new intercooler, GoAPR has also introduced an updated Engine Control Unit, or ECU, to its line of performance products. An ECU is a great choice for any driver who would like to boost their engine with more horsepower and torque. With a horsepower boost from GoAPR’s ECU, you can achieve dramatic driving results.

K04 Turbocharger

The K04 Turbocharger is another thrilling addition to the GoAPR lineup of parts. With this turbocharger, your vehicle will receive additional horsepower and torque, without a noticeable increase in weight. In addition, the durable design of this turbocharger allows it to remain in operation, even when it is exposed to higher exhaust temperatures. Your European auto repair shop can answer all of your questions about the newest GoAPR units.



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