padsIf you have decided to enhance your luxury car with BMW performance upgrades, you will want to make sure that your vehicle is equipped with quality brakes and other performance-oriented BMW parts. Since your car’s brakes are its main source of stopping power, high-performance brakes are needed during advanced, high speed driving maneuvers. A European auto repair shop that sells BMW and Volkswagen parts near San Jose can help you upgrade your stock brakes with performance components. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about performance brake upgrades.


Brake Pads

When a driver chooses to upgrade his or her brakes, the procedure will typically start with a brake pad replacement. Brake pads are designed to absorb all of the friction that is caused when the brake rotors and calipers tighten down on the spinning wheel. When a car travels at faster speeds, it will require stronger brake pads that are crafted from alloy steel or even carbon fiber. These incredibly durable materials are able to withstand higher amounts of friction without wearing down or failing.

Brake Fluids

Your mechanic may also recommend that you use a new type of brake fluid when you upgrade your brake pads and other components. A typical braking system is hydraulically powered, which means that it relies on pressurized brake fluid for its stopping power. High specification brake fluid is able to provide top performing brakes with exceptionally precise pressure, and this type of fluid will wear down less quickly.

Brake Rotors

It may also be necessary to replace your brake rotors when you are performing performance brake upgrades for your vehicle. While many stock brakes are crafted from reprocessed iron, your performance brakes will require virgin alloy iron ingot for additional strength and durability. Once these new rotors have been installed, you may find that your brakes are more responsive. Your European auto mechanic can guide you towards the brake rotors and other parts that will be needed to help your vehicle achieve a top level of performance.



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