The Porsche Cayenne sets the standard for all other high-performance luxury SUVs, including the likes of the BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, and Infiniti QX70. If you drive a Cayenne you don’t need to be told about its sports car-like handling and performance, but you might be interested to learn how you can take your high-performance German SUV to the next level. A European performance tuning shop in San Jose can outfit your Cayenne with APR products that can improve your ride in more ways than one. Here’s a look at some of the top APR parts that can boost your Porsche Cayenne.

ECU Upgrade

APR has revolutionized “chip tuning” by developing new technology that goes above and beyond traditional engine control unit (ECU) upgrades. Any ECU upgrade can improve performance by leaning out the air fuel ration and advancing the timing, but APR’s proprietary data acquisition software captures as many as 30 variables to offer precise matching and performance tuning unsurpassed by any other tuner on the market. The result is a Cayenne driving experience like you’ve never felt before.

Motul Fluids and Lubricants

When you think of performance upgrades, you probably think of superchargers, cold air intakes, and body kits. However, the fluid inside your Cayenne’s engine is just as important as any other upgrade you can make—and APR offers premium fluids and lubricants specifically targeted for high-performance vehicles like the Porsche Cayenne. Of course these fluids and lubricants also meet strict Porsche standards to give you peace of mind and confidence of knowing they’re safe for operating in your Cayenne.

APR Stickers and Badges

Want the world to know that your Cayenne isn’t like any other that’s been driven off a Porsche dealership lot? APR offers a wide range of badges and stickers that will show others drivers that your Cayenne features performance enhancements by one of the world’s leading aftermarket performance parts suppliers. APR’s badges are OEM-styled and polished chrome to make it look as though the badge itself was installed on the Porsche assembly line.





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