fuel pumpThe fuel pump is one of the most important components of your vehicle’s internal system. Without a fuel pump, your engine would not be able to receive a steady stream of fuel from your gas tank. With services from a European car maintenance shop that offers BMW parts and Mercedes parts in San Jose, you will be able to easily diagnose and repair your car’s fuel pump issue. By bringing your car to a German auto repair specialist, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s repair needs will be in the hands of experts. Read on for a closer look at some of the signs that your fuel pump is failing.

fuel pump

Sputtering Engine

If you love to test the performance boundaries of your luxury European auto, the last thing that you will want to discover is that your vehicle sputters when you are driving at high speeds. A sputtering engine is typically caused by a fuel pump that is clogged or otherwise unable to deliver a steady stream of fuel to the engine. By fixing your fuel pump issues, you can restore the performance of your vehicle.

Jerking Acceleration

Jerky acceleration can be highly irritating at any speed of travel. When your car is no longer able to deliver smooth and comfortable performance when you hit the gas pedal, you could be in need of fuel pump repair. By taking the time to repair your fuel pump, you can ensure that your car is able to accelerate smoothly.

Engine Unable to Start

When your fuel pump issues get very serious, you may find that your engine is unable to start altogether. Without a steady supply of fuel, your engine will no longer be able to turn over and power your vehicle forward. In the event that your fuel pump reaches this level of failure, it may be necessary to replace the component altogether. Your European automotive repair specialist can determine whether a fuel pump replacement is necessary to get your vehicle back out on the road.



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