lexusWhen you purchase a brand new Lexus, you will enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that you are driving a luxury car that was built to last. Over the years and miles of driving, your Lexus will need special services from a European auto repair shop in San Jose. When you bring your Lexus to a luxury auto repair facility that offers Audi service, BMW performance, and Mercedes parts, you will know that your routine maintenance procedures are being performed by a team of experts. Let’s take a look at three maintenance procedures that can help you keep your Lexus running like new.


Check the Fluids

Under the hood, your Lexus needs several different types of fluids in order to run smoothly and safely. When you bring your vehicle in for routine auto maintenance services, your technician will take the time to check the levels of all of your fluids. Some fluids that need to be checked regularly include the brake fluid, transmission fluid, and radiator fluid. If these fluids get too low, a serious mechanical problem could occur.

Change the Oil

Your European service center can also assist you by changing the oil in your vehicle. Motor oil is responsible for keeping your engine lubricated, cool, and free of dirt and debris when it is running. Since your Lexus probably runs on synthetic motor oil, you may need to schedule oil changes around 5,000 miles. Consulting your owner’s manual will give you a better idea of the right oil change interval for your car.

Consult the Computer

New Lexus vehicles have been engineered with sophisticated onboard computer diagnostic systems. The computer in your Lexus will pick up on any trouble codes that show up in your car’s internal systems. If a light illuminates on the dashboard of your Lexus, this is a sign that your car needs to be seen by a mechanic as soon as possible. By responding to trouble codes right away, you can keep your Lexus running great for many miles to come.



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