vw serviceDuring the summer season, drivers around the country choose to hit the road and embark on seasonal road trips. As the owner of a quality Volkswagen, your car will provide you with comfort and efficiency when you drive this summer. To prevent hot outdoor temperatures and longer driving distances from taking a toll on your vehicle, you should set up service at a shop offering VW parts and maintenance in San Jose. Your German auto repair shop can tune up your Volkswagen in preparation for all of your summer drives. Let’s explore some essential VW service tips to keep in mind for the summer season.

vw service

Check Your Coolant

The summer months can bring very hot temperatures to the roadways. As you drive on a hot summer’s day, your car’s coolant system will be working diligently to prevent your engine from overheating. To ensure that your VW is properly equipped to drive during the hottest months of the year, it is important to check and fill your coolant at routine intervals throughout the course of the season. If you are losing coolant regularly, have your mechanic check the radiator and hoses for any possible leaks.

Inspect Your Tire Pressure

When you travel down the road, your VW will rely on the rolling force of your four tires to move forward. Since air expands when it is exposed to higher temperatures, your VW’s tires may be at risk of overinflating during the summer. If you are worried about a blowout during your next summer road trip, you will want to inspect your tire pressure before you head out on a drive.

Schedule Periodic Maintenance

Along with specific seasonal procedures, you will also need to keep up with your VW’s periodic maintenance requirements during the summer. Your mechanic can remind you when it is time to change your oil, switch out your air filters, and perform other essential procedures. No matter the season of the year, your VW service specialist will be able to help you keep your finely tuned German car running great.



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